UK Series: Part 1- Scotland, Ipswich and Bath

  Hey everyone! I just got back from my trip to the UK and it was amazing! Most of you probably don’t know this, but my mom and her family are from England. We used to live in the UK, but moved when I was 4. Any whom… the main reason for my trip was to go to my cousin’s wedding, but while I was down there, I did A LOT of sight seeing, for the first time in years! Plus, it was my boyfriends first time in the United Kingdom, so I wanted to show him around. Our first stop was Scotland! There, we explored the castle and played super tourist, and got on a tour bus. Second stop on our list was to Ipswich, where my cousin’s wedding was held. The wedding took place at the Helmingham Hall Gardens. Such a beautiful location. I wore stunning, striped Halston Heritage dress. During our time in Ipswich, we stayed at the Salthouse Harbour Hotel. I mean, the bedroom had a bathtub and a beautiful view of the harbor. I felt as if I were in Capri. It was perfect. Lastly in this post, I am highlighting my trip to Bath. It was my first time in this city, and i fell in LOVE! If I ever moved back to England, it would be to here. We saw the Stonehenge, visited the Roman Bath and had afternoon tea at Beas Vintage Tea Room. It was perfect! Had yummy scones, cakes, cucumber sandwiches and the best Earl Grey tea I have ever had! In Bath, I wore a black maxi dress from Emotion Apparel and Lola Cruz sandals. You can find links to all of my outfits at the end of my post. XO


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