The Right Way To Work Remotely While Traveling

The Right Way To Work Remotely While Traveling

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Being able to work remotely is one of life’s biggest blessings. It affords you the opportunity to work from anywhere in the world. This includes countries across the globe, allowing you to travel while still earning a living. 

If you’re lucky enough to have a remote working job, you need to know the right way to manage it while traveling. We’ve got some excellent tips that’ll help you achieve the perfect work-travel balance! 

Create A Work Schedule

You need a work schedule to stay on top of things, but also to ensure you have plenty of time to travel. You’ll enjoy a better travel experience when you assign time to work and time to relax/explore. In an ideal world, try to get all of your work done in the morning or at the beginning of the day. This leaves the rest of the day to explore the new country or city you’re vacating at the moment. 

Without a schedule, you run the risk of mixing work and play too much. It usually means you neglect work, so you have to rush around in the evenings trying to get things done. Make a plan and assign a few hours to work every morning, then try to get as much done as possible. It leaves you with plenty of vacation time. 

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Keep Your Work Secure With A VPN

Using public WiFi is one of the biggest mistakes when working remotely away from home. You’re in a hotel or local coffee house and log into the public network. The internet is free, so you see this as a great bonus! Unfortunately, public networks are so unsecured and there’s a massive chance your data is being siphoned by prying eyes. This could mean your devices get hacked or loads of private client data is stolen. 

Instead, you should use a VPN to keep everything secure. You’re probably wondering, can VPN be tracked? Technically yes, but it’s way harder for anyone to track what you’re doing. You’re using an encrypted connection and it turns public WiFi into a more secure network. As such, you can work in privacy without worrying about being hacked or losing your job because your client’s data gets stolen. 

Make Work As Fun As Possible

Aim to make your working days as fun as possible while traveling. To do this, we suggest playing a little game. Load up Google and search for different cafes or coworking spaces wherever you’re staying. Each day, make it your mission to go and work somewhere else. 

It’s a sneaky way of traveling around a city while also focusing on your work. You get to see more of the place you’re visiting and can enjoy different breakfasts every morning. Believe it or not, you begin to look forward to work time because you know it brings a new little adventure! 

Most people assume that working remotely while traveling is easy, but it can go wrong so quickly. You must strike the perfect balance so you have time to work and time to be a tourist. Alongside this, you need to maintain good data privacy so you work without experiencing data breaches or hacks. 


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