Stepping Outside of Your Comfort Zone

This post is looooong overdue. It’s all about stepping outside your comfort zone! I know, I know, we always hear those cheesy quotes, like, “The greatest things happen outside your comfort zone,” but that’s actually very true!

It all started on Thursday, May 9th. I know, pretty ridiculous that I remember this exact date, but here we are. I went to a blogger event by MYSELF! For me, this is huge, because I am such an introvert when it comes to meeting new people, as well as being in a situation that I am not used to. If I need to make a presentation or go to an event by myself, I usually run the other way!

As a blogger, you’re invited to multiple events weekly, but I always go with my sister or a friend. I’m not sure what was different about this situation, that made me decide to take a leap. I guess I just figured that brunches usually have assigned seating, and once I was sitting down, I would be able to chat with the gals in my area. I go more into detail about the entire event on my latest YouTube video.

Once I arrived to the brunch it was so AWKWARD! I purposefully got there 10 to 15 minutes late to avoid the mingling part, but I was in the thick of it. I waited about 30 minutes to finally be able to sit. While waiting, I definitely felt like Cady Heron eating her lunch by her lonesome on her first day of school. Unfortunately, the blogging industry is cliquey, so of course, no one walked up to me. P.s. I dive deeper into the cliquiness in my Youtube video.

As awkward as it was, I was going to stick it out. As much as I wanted to go home in the beginning, I didn’t. The more events and things I do that are outside of my comfort zone, the stronger I’ll become, and the more I’ll learn.

Once seated at the table I had a GREAT time! I met two nice, genuine girls. We had amazing conversations and talked about real life things, and not just about the industry. The food was absolutely spectacular, and you know what? The three of us were the last ones to leave the event because we were having so much fun!

Moral of the story, it is never as bad as you think it’ll be! I was dreading attending this event, and I actually really enjoyed it! I grew and was able to challenge myself, and I was able to network and make new connections.


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