Reflection | Rose, Bud, and Thorn – Weeks #2 and #3

Reflection | Rose, Bud, and Thorn – Week #2 and #3


Oh, where to even start with these past few weeks. I’m not going to lie, they have been extremely exhausting and draining. With our canceled wedding day on May 30th, and the back to back racial social injustices, it’s been heavy.

Rose = A highlight, success, small win, or something positive that happened.

Thorn = A challenge you experienced or something you can use more support with.

Bud = New ideas that have blossomed or something you are looking forward to knowing more about or experiencing.

Now, let’s get into the last few weeks Rose Bud and Thorn.

Rose – Highs

  • I signed up for two YALE courses, Financial Markets and The Science of Well Being
  • I completed my first week of classes with A’s
  • I started meditating again
  • Protested in a Black Lives Matter March
  • Discovered new black creatives through Instagram
  • Had sushi for the first time. I don’t eat seafood and just found out that they have vegetarian and vegan options
  • Watched the sunset
  • Received flowers and chocolates from family on the day that our wedding was supposed to be
  • Made frosé, frozen rosé
  • Had delicious breakfast that consisted of french toast, turkey bacon, and hash browns
  • Saw progress and new allies in the Black Lives Matter Movement
    • These are baby steps, but I will continue to speak up and I am feeling optimistic for the future
    • My family in the UK also went out and protested
  • Yummy, healthy dinners
  • I shot some content
  • Had important conversations about race with family, friends and my significant other
Rose Bud and Thorn

Thorn – Lows

  • Back to back racial social injustices
    • George Floyd
    • Ahmaud Arbery
    • The bird watcher
  • I felt drained, tired, and frustrated by all the senseless killings and abuse of white privilege happening in America
    • The woman who called the police on the bird watcher threatened him that she was going to specifically tell them that he’s African American
  • Our wedding day was hard, thinking of what could have been and unsure about the future (if we will be able to have our wedding next year)
  • Anxiety, it is the worst at night
  • Started a project in our bathroom that started out bad (we were able to fix it though, and it turned out great!)

Bud – Looking Forward To

  • I am feeling hopeful that there will be positive changes in regard to black lives.
    • I feel that our voices are being heard
    • Already, all of the officers have been charged for George Floyd’s death, and the mayor of LA has decreased the LAPD budget and is going to put it towards low income, POC neighborhoods
  • I am looking forward to completing our kitchen project
  • I am hoping for a little getaway to clear my head
  • I am excited to start creating again, because after all, that is one of my passions
Rose Bud and Thorn
Rose Bud and Thorn

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