Preparing For A Solo Trip: Tips For First Time Adventurers

Preparing For A Solo Trip: Tips For First Time Adventurers

If you’ve never traveled in a solo capacity before, you might have been missing out! It’s a great thing to do as an adult, no matter your gender, and can be some of the most fun you ever have when on vacation. Even when you feel a bit nervous about going somewhere alone, you can find your feet quickly when you’re on the ground and soaking up the new sights, sounds, and culture. And if that’s the kind of person you are, here are some tips that’ll help you be a solo adventurer from this day forward. 

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Never Pack Too Much

If you’re going to be backpacking on your own, try not to overflow the backpack. This is your first time away by yourself, and subsequently you’re determining how to travel and what your limit is. Make sure you don’t make your literal baggage too heavy to keep on moving! Plus, the lighter you pack, the less of a target you become to people who like to prey on tourists; if that’s a worry for you, a small backpack with only a few things in will help prove there’s less danger than you think out there. 

Get a Good Insurance Policy

You’re going to need travel insurance whenever you go abroad, but you’ll definitely need a quality policy when you’re heading off alone. Check out providers like Generali for options that fit the bill here. You want to be covered in case of accidents and emergencies, losses and theft, and you definitely want to be covered against your luggage going missing somewhere between here and your destination’s airport! 

Pick Your Destination Right

As a first time solo traveler, it’s best to choose a country that’s known for being solo travel friendly. You want to have a good time while you’re out there, but the more you head off and try things out, the more you can widen the net and go wherever you like. So for the time being, think of this first trip as practice. Head off to a country where you’re going to find it easy to move on foot, where the hostels are known for being quite tourist friendly, and the locals love welcoming new people into their culture. 

Make a Local Connection

It’s good to make friends in your new destination. You can then have a local connection to depend on; you have someone trustworthy to talk to, you can crash at their house if the hotel double-books you, and you can get the lowdown on the best places to go. You can make these connections before you even head off as well, by booking yourself a local guide to take you round or joining an online group and getting involved in the conversation. 

If you want to travel solo, use the list above as a little guide for your first time. It’s a big step to take, figuratively and literally, but you could have so much fun when you’re out there! 


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