Instagram Feeds & How They Change Over Time

I was recently looking at my Instagram feed and thought, I really like how my feed looks. Like any other blogger in this industry, we have all had those moments where we either love our feed, just feel meh about it, or find ourselves somewhere in between. As I have mentioned before, sometimes you find yourself in a creative rut and you’re just not loving the work you put out. It’s always nice when you are happy with the content you’re producing and the way you’re presenting it. You’ll find that Instagram hasn’t just changed for everyday creators, either. The regulations and rules surrounding people like Dr Tattelbaum have also changed. Cosmetic and plastic surgeons now have to adhere to strict rules about how to post on social media. Everyday influencers are also subjected to rules surrounding advertising and gifting, which means that if you are out there on Instagram, you’ll notice how things have changed in the past few years.

I thought it would be fun to take you down memory lane and see my feeds throughout the years.

Current feed. Hardly any edits, and less forced. October 2019
Feed about a month ago, still love. June 2019
I really liked this at the moment, but the photos were too grainy and orange! I much prefer a more true tone photo now. June 2018
My London and Paris feed, December 2017. I LOVED this one.
London Vibes December 2017
September 2017. When I was trying to transition to not having everything white.
December 2016. All white
June 2015. The first time I actually had a “feed” I LOVED my Miami content
November 2014. White spaces around my images
January 2013. When it all started.


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