How To Make Damaged Hair Healthy Again

How To Make Damaged Hair Healthy Again

How To Make Damaged Hair Healthy Again 

Hair can be a wonderful thing and something to love and be proud of, but it can also be a horrible thing when it’s damaged and doesn’t look its best – or perhaps it even looks its worst. The issue is that hair can become damaged very easily, and whether it’s through using too many hot styling tools, the wrong type of shampoo, too many chemicals, or it’s a matter of the weather or even genetics, the fact is that unhealthy hair takes its toll. 

A bad hair day is one thing, but a bad hair week, month, year, or even longer is sure to cause problems and make people lose confidence in themselves and how they look. For some, this will have a huge impact on their lives, perhaps even costing them jobs or relationships because they just don’t think they can face the world with their hair looking as it does. If that sounds far-fetched, then you’re lucky because your hair hasn’t ever caused you pain. 

Although this does sound terribly negative, the good news is that there are some things you can do to make damaged hair healthy again, helping you restore your confidence and giving you the chance to move on and forward in your life. With that in mind, read on to find out what some of these options are, and you might be surprised at how easy they are to put in place. 

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Identify The Cause 

If you have unhealthy hair, there’s going to be a reason behind it. We often say that hair has a life of its own, but the fact is that it doesn’t choose to look or feel how it looks or feels – there will always be an underlying cause. If you can work out what it is, you can certainly put measures in place to make your hair healthier again. 

There are all kinds of causes for unhealthy hair, from the wrong products to health issues, but it’s wise to start with the simplest potential problems first. Read the labels of the products you’re using to make sure they’re formulated for your hair type, for example, and reduce how many times a week you use heated styling tools like hair dryers or straighteners. You can also search online to discover how to prevent split ends and follow the instructions – the results could be impressive. 

If that doesn’t work, consider speaking to a doctor to make sure there’s nothing wrong with your health, as damaged or unhealthy-looking hair can be a sign on the outside that something’s wrong inside. 

Once you know what the cause is, you can fix the issue – or get help fixing the issue – but until you know what the problem is, you’ll just keep experiencing it. 

Cut It Off

Depending on how damaged your hair is and how brave you’re feeling, one option that will generally work (unless, as we mentioned above, the issue is a health condition, in which case it may not help at all) is to cut it. Remove the damaged parts and let it grow out again without the heated tools and the chemicals that caused an issue in the first place. Or when it grows this time, use better products – or start using products if you didn’t before and that might be the issue – and do what you can to put right what was going wrong. 

Depending on the issue and how damaged your hair is, if you go down this route, you might find you have to have quite a chunk of your hair cut off, reducing the length drastically. This won’t be something everyone is comfortable with, so you’ll need to make your own judgment call, but if it’s a matter of being able to start again with healthy hair, you might feel it’s entirely worth it. 

Eat A Healthy Diet

Don’t worry – we’ve not started a new post about a different topic; this is still all about making damaged hair healthy again. Perhaps it shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise to discover that what you eat has an impact on your hair, just as it has an impact on every other area of your body. When you eat food that’s bad for you, including processed food, for example, and you don’t include enough fruit and vegetables in your diet, you’ll more than likely find that your hair suffers because of those choices. 

When you add more healthy food into your diet, you’ll be feeding your hair with the nutrients it needs to grow well and become stronger – include plenty of water as well, and you’ve got the makings of very healthy hair. 


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