Antigua 2020 | Traveling During a Pandemic

Traveling During a Pandemic

Antigua 2020 | Traveling During a Pandemic

Welp, just like the title suggests, I traveled Internationally during a pandemic. In March, when COVID first hit, did I think I would be saying this here in November? Absolutely not! But when the opportunity presented itself, I took it, and it was one of the best trips I have ever taken! && We all came back COVID free!

We went to Antigua in October and got back a couple of weeks ago. If you follow me on Instagram, you probably saw videos on my stories, and a few images posted on the feed.

Originally taking the trip, I was a bit nervous. I called friends who had been on planes during the pandemic, looked up stats on how many COVID cases were in Antigua (at the time there were less than 100 cases total), and read several articles about travel during COVID. Getting all the facts, details, and knowing what to expect always helps me feel more comfortable. On top of that, I felt comfortable knowing that I have managed to stay COVID free for these months, while taking staycations in hotels, going out to eat, and getting exercise outside. I always wear a mask, I social distance, I’m very hygienic and I take A LOT of COVID tests.

Getting to Antigua


On our way to Antigua, we flew with JetBlue. We stopped in New York, then from there went to Antigua and Barbuda. I’m not sure if there is always a connecting flight, or if that’s just the case due to the current circumstances. LAX was amazing. There were hand sanitizers everywhere, and the terminal was empty. New York was quite the contrary. Although there were hand sanitizers everywhere, the actual terminal was PACKED! As for the flight, I am a huge JetBlue fan, and I felt safer, knowing that the middle seats were left empty. We had the whole row to ourselves and room to stretch out our legs. JetBlue will start to fill up the middle seat starting in November/December or early 2021. Another thing that made me feel safer is knowing that most planes use HEPA filters which kill 99.97% of germs, mold, etc. With everyone wearing masks and washing their hands/sanitizing them, the chances of getting COVID on a plane are quite slim. Early studies show that you have a higher chance of getting COVID at the airport, than on the plane. We flew back with American Airlines. We connected in Miami and Miami is Miami, lol. It was packed, long lines, and sanitizer was few and far between. Also, the middle seats were filled.

The Island

There are not too many places that the US can travel to right now. We had originally planned to go to England, then Greece or Mexico, and finally decided on the beautiful Island of Antigua. If you’re curious about where we can travel to right now, take a look at this list.

In order to travel to Antigua, there are strict guidelines in place. Travelers 12 and older going to Antigua and Barbuda “arriving by air must present a negative Covid-19-RT-PCR (real-time polymerase chain reaction) test result, taken within seven days of their flight.” I took my test 3 days prior to the trip. Visitors are also subject to monitoring by health officials for 14 days and another Covid-19 test may be required, which could mean quarantining while waiting for the result. Our COVID results needed to be presented on our flight to Antigua from New York, and upon arrival to Antigua. Masks are also required in public spaces.

The Resort

We stayed at the beautiful Cocobay Resort. It is an all-inclusive, adult-only getaway on the sunset side of Antigua. Cocobay was romantic, unique, and a barefoot luxury. The resort consists of a colorful collection of pastel cottages crowning a breezy hillside, winding down to two white-sand beaches and miles of turquoise Caribbean Sea. The rustic facilities feature several infinity pools and rugged terraces, blessed with some of the most dramatic ocean views and wellness spaces on the island. We truly enjoyed the Chef’s culinary creations and colorful Cocobay cocktails in the intimate restaurants and bars on site. A relaxing nature-filled aura surrounds Cocobay, and the gorgeous beachfront location, cozy Caribbean cottages, fabulous food, and superb service make Cocobay an irresistible choice.

While in Antigua I witnessed the most beautiful sunsets, laid by the beach and pool everyday, was able to find delicious patties and truly felt at peace.

I know it has been a crazy year, but I encourage everyone to focus on themselves and do what makes you feel fulfilled and happy.

Traveling During a Pandemic
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