A Sunny Beach Day | Summer is Near

It is finally starting to feel like Summer in LA. We have had such a wet/grey year, that I’ve almost forgotten what it’s like to have consecutively warm days!

Since it was nice out, I decided to work from the beach today. Sometimes it gets a little repetitive working from home, and I needed a little change of scenery.

I brought my book, some props to shoot, and a tri-pod, because yes, I was trying to shoot photos of myself, by myself. This isn’t impossible, but for my first try, I definitely learned a few things. One being, to buy a clicker!

Here are some of the images I shot. I always try to get inspiration from Instagram or Pinterest when shooting at a new location. This allows me to focus on the aesthetics of it all. When looking at my feed, you can see that I primarily shoot in the city, so it was fun to create content in a different place.

This is one of my favorite captures.
I went to the beach with a vision for capturing this photo. It’s simple, but it’s all in the details. I’m just hoping that my white silk dress doesn’t stain.
This is a plain and simple in the moment post. I just started reading this book and I just wanted to document this situation.

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