6 Smaller Purchases For Every Traveler’s Case

6 Smaller Purchases For Every Traveler’s Case

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Travelers come in all shapes and sizes, and you don’t have to enjoy luxury trips every month of the year to be classified as one. If you simply love getting out there into the world and seeing new places, you’re a traveler, no matter your funds or capability.

However, it’s true that all travelers are best suited when they plan and consider a few contingency actions they can take if something goes wrong. For example, traveler’s cheques were once popular because they allowed you to more easily convert your currency overseas, while also protecting against theft.

Times have changed since then, and now the smaller purchases travelers use to make their journey more comfortable have shifted. In this post, we’ll discuss some of the most popular considerations you can plan for in advance. 

We hope that with these preparations, you’ll be more likely to have a great time in advance:

A Portable Power Bank

Most of us travel with devices we use to plan our journeys, manage our finances, keep up with friends and relatives, and adjust our schedules when needed. While you might carry a backup phone with you (this is wise), it’s not always going to be a smartphone logged into all of your apps. That’s why having a portable power bank can be helpful, as a replacement battery or recharge of your main device can help you squeeze a little more juice out of their use, even if your flight is delayed or part of the commute is canceled.

Lightweight Travel Adapter With Multiple USB Ports

It’s important to remember that power sockets can differ from place to place, not only in the wattage they provide but also in the general connection configurations they have. Sure, this is old travel advice that most people know by this point, and adapters are pretty cheap. 

That being said, you can also benefit from additional utility if you buy a slightly more expensive model with multiple USB ports in it. This way, you can device all of your goods on the go, even if you have just one free socket in a budget hotel room.

Collapsible Water Bottles

Water bottles are essential for keeping hydrated on the go, but most would agree that it can take up valuable room in your bag, especially if you’re trying to travel light. For this reason, a collapsible water bottle that you can easily fold when necessary can help you store the flask when you no longer need it, which is perfect for those times on the beach or in the middle of an intensive walk. While you might prefer to buy refreshments on the go, knowing you have this backup option is always going to be welcome.

Travel-Sized Toiletry & Medical Kit

For some people, managing travel medication is not only important, it’s essential.  A travel kit you can use to divide your medication by the day and secure it in advance is key, and within that, you could also hold your medical insurance card in case you need emergency treatment when abroad. 

In another bag, you can dedicate space for toiletries with smaller compartments that prevent water leakage from one pocket to another. This way, you always have what you need to floss, practice good skincare, or use your collapsible comb.

Compact Travel Pillow & Memory Foam Earplugs

For most people, travel from one place to another is the part you have to do, not the part you look forward to. Of course, if you’re going on a road trip or taking a scenic route (like a vintage train), then that might differ. But either way, odds are you’re hoping to rest at some point on your journey. Having a travel pillow that attaches to your seatbelt or can be placed comfortably behind your head is a great place to start. 

A collapsible pillow with a microfiber cloth can allow you to relax and also do so hygienically, perhaps letting the flight fly past or your partner drives for a while. Without this, you’ll likely sleep, only a little less comfortably. If you don’t mind placing them in your ears, memory foam earplugs can also be a fantastic option, as blocking out all noise around you can make that rest much more restorative. Just be mindful to take them out if you feel your ears popping, which is common on flights.

Laundry Provisions

If you’re hopping from hotel to hotel or traveling on the road, you might not have access to a washing machine from time to time. This means that you could be without clean laundry and that might present a problem if you’re out of underwear or your coat is accidentally stained. Maybe you’ve been wearing thermal gloves for men in colder conditions, and you hope to refresh them for the next day out.

While you can certainly enter a public laundromat or the equivalent in your current location, sometimes you may need to offer a different solution. A universal plug stopper can be helpful for certain hotels, especially if they don’t provide one. Then keeping portable laundry detergent you can use and washing your items in the sink (don’t worry, it’s hygienic if you clean the sink before and after!) you can clean and then dry your garments overnight.

This might not seem like the most convenient or comfortable means of doing laundry, and it isn’t, but it’s quite a common practice and can help you out in a pickle. If your garment is particularly stained or damaged, however, buying a ziplock back you can use to store the item safely away from your clean clothes and wash it at home is ideal. Alternatively, you can always throw it out and take the loss depending on your preference, just make sure to do so responsibly.

With this advice, we hope you can more easily travel from palace to place and manage your affairs without difficulty. As you travel more and more you begin to notice the little fixtures and conveniences you most appreciate, and your bag will change. Make sure to share any tips you’ve learned, you never know how could benefit from it!


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