5 Reasons to Visit Albany, NY

5 Reasons to Visit Albany, NY

Known as New York State’s capital, Albany was once a small Dutch settlement. Now it is bursting with incredible food, shops and so much to explore. There are so many reasons why tourists flock here every year; it’s because of the variety of things to see and do. It’s a very different experience than New York itself, but why not take a day or two to escape this busy and vibrant life and experience something a little more quiet and quaint. Albany is still a city that is bursting with stunning culture, interesting attractions and beautiful scenery, so here are a handful of reasons to choose this as your next go-to destination.

  1. Incredible Outdoor Activities

Albany is the ideal place for outdoorsy types to get their fix and breathe in the most picturesque scenery along the way. Whether you’re into hiking or water sports, there are so many nature based activities for you to try out during your visit. These are just some of ideas for stops when going to or through the Albany NY area, but you can also try the bushwalking experience, surfing, canoeing, paddle boarding and so much more. The watersports are the best option during the warmer months, but there is still so much to do all year round.

2. Brilliant Beaches

You may not expect to see perfect beaches in Albany, but if you’re looking for crystal clear waters this is the place to be. For some of the most stunning photos you’ll ever take in your life, head to Oakdale Beach or Lake Garfield Beach. The pristine white sands are like heaven, and the sunsets will blow you away from the moment you catch one!

3. Spectacular Shopping

Who doesn’t love shopping? Especially in a place where you can find hundreds of well known retailers for all different types of budgets. There are beautiful gift shops, boutiques and also plenty of designer stores to browse during your shopping escapades in Albany.

4. Amazing Art

Whether you’re exploring the well known Albany Institute of History and Art, or visiting the stunning and historic University Art Museum, Albany has so many amazing art experiences to offer. Immerse yourself in the eclectic beauty and culture at the various museums in the city and enjoy viewing modern visual art in all its glory.

5. Gorgeous Gardens

Some of the most gorgeous gardens in the US exist in Albany, so it’s vital to pay a visit to Washington Park whilst you’re there. It’s situated right by the Empire State Plaza and is lined with impressive oak trees and bonsais, not forgetting the glistening five acre lake nearby too.

As you can see, there is so much to soak in and enjoy when you visit the beautiful place of Albany. Whether you’re planning on staying for just a couple of nights, or heading there for a full week of fun with your family, you are bound to make wonderful memories and see some unforgettable sights.

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