4 Ways to Be More Sustainable Today

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4 Ways to Be More Sustainable Today

Increasing sustainability in your life has never been easier than it is right now. If you want to make changes you’re not alone; McKinsey found that 66% of respondents in a recent survey want to be more sustainable; this figure was higher for millennials who are fueling the change, while Gen Z is firmly taking the reins.

Being more sustainable doesn’t mean making the sacrifices it once did, and you can easily make better swaps for products that allow you to reduce your impact on the world and make better choices.

If you want easy, sustainable swaps to implement in your life, then read on.


You can recycle a lot more than you probably think you can. And if you are not recycling, now is a great time to start. From recycling paper to bottles, cardboard, tins, etc, you can even recycle aluminum foil, sneakers clothing, crayons, and coat hangers too. If you are unsure of what you can recycle, there are plenty of guides online, or you can check the manufacturer’s packaging, as this might indicate its appropriateness for recycling.

Buy From Ethical Retailers

Doing your research into the retailers you buy from can allow you to find out if they’re using sustainability practices or not. You can learn about the brand’s ethos, how they operate, their impact on the environment, and more by simply checking them out, reading reviews and articles such as this one on Vrai Reviews and Insights to help you form an opinion of the brand and determine if they are a company you want to do business with. While many brands are already improving their ethical practices and making positive changes in terms of employment law, labor, working conditions, the waste they produce, and so on, others aren’t doing what they claim to be doing or even doing anything at all to combat their impact on the environment.

Ditch The Plastic

Not all plastic is bad, but single-use plastic isn’t the best for the environment, and plastic wrap, in particular, can take anywhere from 10 years to hundreds of years to decompose. And when they do decompose they just release microplastics back into the soil. If everyone committed to using less or no plastic wrap, then 2.8 million fewer tonnes of waste would be produced each year. It doesn’t matter how much you do or don’t use compared to others, simply committing to using less single-use plastic can be a positive step forward.

Sustainable Swaps

Making sustainable swaps in your day to purchase can be highly effective. For example, the Brand MoonCup, which makes menstrual cups, claims that their customers have removed 3 billion pads and tampons from landfills and waterways, making the switch to using their products. You can apply this thinking to any products you buy. Use more sustainable period products, swap your grocery bags for long-lasting bags made from cotton, you can take a refillable coffee cup with you instead of getting your takeout coffee in a disposable cup, and so on. Always look for more sustainable options for items you use. While they might cost you more initially, in the long run, they will save you money and the environment.


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