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Wednesday, April 12, 2017

The Countdown Begins

Hey everyone! Happy Wednesday! I hope you are having a great week! I've been super swamped with all things Coachella! Can you believe it starts in two days?! I need another week just to get ready! Luckily I was able to shoot this cute ruffled top from Chichwish! I love how fun and flirty it is. 
I rented a lens for this shoot and I really like how it shot. It was a 100mm, but I'm thinking of trying the 85 or 50mm next. You have to stand too far for the 100. What lens do you all shoot with? 

Well, I'm off to the desert! See you all next week! XO Tandya


  1. Hey Beautiful,
    Yeahhhh Coachella:) Sooo Nice:)
    But I am just sooo Obsessed with your Ruffle Off Shoulder Black Top:)
    Such An Unique Piece:) I am In Loveeeee:)
    Totally Need one:) So So Beautiful:)
    It was so Great that you matched with a Jeans:)
    Love Kisses
    Open Kloset By Karina
    Happy Easter

  2. You are completely stunning in this gorgeous top from Chicwish! So perfect for Coachella and you've styled it beautifully!!

  3. Have so much fun babe! You look stunning! This top is super cute! Chicwish has the cutest things and it's so affordable!
    I usually use a 50mm or an 85mm :) Most times the 50mm
    Hope it helps

  4. The ruffle top looks just so perfect. I love the design. I actually never went to Coachella and hope you are going, and can't wait to see your outfits! Chic wish offers a tone of pretty stuff.

  5. Ugh, coachella was just way too overwhelming to plan this year with my schedule so I just skipped it all. How was it? Did you just go to the parties or the festival as well?

    Absolutely love the arms on your ruffled top! A perfect staple piece when you want to go causal but yet not.

  6. I have personally never been to Coachella or been a big fan. Haha it sounds like so much. I love how you styled this too though! Hope you have fun! Stay hydrated

  7. I use the 50mm for all my shoots and your top looks so amazing!! I think I fell in love ever since you post it on Instagram. The flirty and fun ruffles totally works on a black top. Hope you enjoyed your time at Coachella.

    ~ xo Sheree
    Posh Classy Mom


  8. Girl, that's so great! I always wanted to go to Coachella and maybe one day I will. That top from Chic is such a statement piece! I love these raffles. This is something I would personally go for! The sleeves thou are so beautiful and still the whole look is rather casual yet classy. Loving it so much!
    As for the lens, I'm using 50mm, it works pretty well for me.

    Cheers, Eliza |

  9. I hope you had fun at Coachella! This year I was team nochella.. hehe.. btw how fabulous is this top? I'm so obsessed with ruffles this season and this top is going on my list of purchase :)

    xo, Maryam

  10. I hope you had an amazing time in the desert and given this outfit, I'm sure you did! I absolutely adore the top and am sure you had a blast! As I want to leave #nochella and be part of this wonderful experience I opt for going next year for sure! :)

  11. You looking so stylish and the shirt is super awesome.
    Don't ask about lenses I'm a beginner lol! I trying to stay over 100-200 mm ;) I'm using Panasonic LUMIX!
    Your pictures are great 👍🏻